Box Simulator for Brawl Stars: Open That Box! Box Simulator for Brawl Stars: Open That Box! Download
Box Simulator for Brawl Stars: Open That Box!

Box Simulator for Brawl Stars: Open That Box!

8.6 for Android







28.53 MB


Slayd Elers



Screenshots for Android

Box Simulator for Brawl Stars: Open That Box!
Attention! This game is created by fan of Brawl Stars. Details in the end of description.

-Collect coins, open boxes and collect brawlers

-You can sell brawlers you get before and open more expensive boxes

-There are quests that will not make you bored

-Updates and new features twice a week

-And many other interesting in this simulator

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Box Simulator for Brawl Stars: Open That Box! 8.6 Update
NEW BRAWLER, NANI! First simulator with 3D models New skins in 3D
More Information
28.53 MB
Slayd Elers
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.SlaydElers.BoxSimulator
Version           : 1 (1)
Min Sdk Level     : 16
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.1,4.1.1
Target Sdk Level     : 29
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 10.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks SET_ALARM : Allows an application to broadcast an Intent to set an alarm for the user. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES : VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage.
com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerActivity (Launcher) io.presage.EulaActivity io.presage.interstitial.ui.InterstitialActivity io.presage.interstitial.ui.InterstitialAndroid8TransparentActivity io.presage.interstitial.ui.InterstitialAndroid8RotableActivity io.presage.mraid.browser.ShortcutActivity com.appodealx.mraid.MraidActivity com.appodeal.iab.vast.activity.VastActivity com.adcolony.sdk.AdColonyInterstitialActivity com.applovin.adview.AppLovinInterstitialActivity com.applovin.adview.AppLovinConfirmationActivity com.applovin.sdk.AppLovinWebViewActivity com.chartboost.sdk.CBImpressionActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.ControllerActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.InterstitialActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.OpenUrlActivity com.tapjoy.TJAdUnitActivity com.tapjoy.mraid.view.ActionHandler com.tapjoy.mraid.view.Browser com.tapjoy.TJContentActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleWebViewActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleFlexViewActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Unbolted TV
    2020-05-22 09:59
    Unbolted TV

    Basically I Like It However The Fact This Doesn't Have Sound Effects And Isn't As Realtive And Brawls Stars Cut Me Off. the UI Is A Knockoff I don't Like this simulator sorry

  • Afif Hanna
    2020-05-21 18:37
    Afif Hanna

    Best box simulator EVER. I love it but I gave it 4 stars bcuz there is alot of ads but overall I love it :)

  • Andrei Oficial
    2020-05-20 10:21
    Andrei Oficial

    E super tare

  • Biff Playz
    2020-05-19 10:10
    Biff Playz

    I cannot upgrade brawlers and it takes so long to open 1 box and the achievements are so bad

  • Ryno Keen
    2020-05-16 21:09
    Ryno Keen

    Game buggy

  • Efya Adubea
    2020-05-14 14:36
    Efya Adubea


  • LeRBoSs
    2020-05-13 14:10

    ........... THE WORST BOX SIM EVER EXISTJSCOWYL!!^!&!%#Β£#Β£

  • lko lolko
    2020-05-13 14:08
    lko lolko

    stop showing fake images!!!! The worst simulator!!!

  • Lydia Wan
    2020-05-12 15:52
    Lydia Wan

    Its doent have a good quality i am a pro in the real game so i know a lt about brawl stars

  • Shain Alim
    2020-05-11 11:03
    Shain Alim


  • Zarouhi Hovanesian
    2020-05-07 11:34
    Zarouhi Hovanesian


  • NMS - Minecraft
    2020-05-06 12:20
    NMS - Minecraft

    Do I get chest on the whole brawl stars?

  • tega are u blind or wat
    2020-05-03 19:11
    tega are u blind or wat

    Not even opening

  • rage kev
    2020-04-29 23:55
    rage kev

    It did not load

  • May -Kun
    2020-04-29 23:30
    May -Kun


  • Terry der Fabio Fan
    2020-04-28 12:03
    Terry der Fabio Fan


  • The Scripter
    2020-04-24 02:42
    The Scripter


  • Rehan Mantara
    2020-04-23 19:17
    Rehan Mantara


  • Connor West
    2020-04-22 02:35
    Connor West

    It says 38 mb i cleard all my apps and still no loading

  • Janeth Islava
    2020-04-21 20:47
    Janeth Islava

    It's not letting me log in πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‘πŸ₯΅

  • abody-xd
    2020-04-17 17:34

    I hate this game so much it bring to me so much of lags and what also it's stupid I spend 80 or 90 gems for random skins and if I got a brawler some time is quit me for the GAME REMOVE THIS GAME FROM

  • XanderBot XD
    2020-04-17 01:53
    XanderBot XD

    It's trash

  • Seunghui Lee
    2020-04-14 06:31
    Seunghui Lee


  • Melek Selmami
    2020-04-12 17:33
    Melek Selmami

    Than for this game

  • Ngeow Mei Kheng
    2020-04-12 15:01
    Ngeow Mei Kheng


  • Tito Campos
    2020-04-11 22:15
    Tito Campos

    To get jems you have to watch ads and it is annoying. Basically to many adds

  • Antonio Seddio
    2020-04-10 10:34
    Antonio Seddio


  • Andree xD LOL
    2020-04-09 20:54
    Andree xD LOL


  • George Shouftas
    2020-04-06 12:32
    George Shouftas

    Really good game

  • Megha Nawale
    2020-04-04 13:29
    Megha Nawale

    This is offline

  • Amin Mahammadi
    2020-04-04 09:13
    Amin Mahammadi

    Not bad

  • Tamta Yakut
    2020-04-03 09:16
    Tamta Yakut


  • Abdullah Baig
    2020-04-02 10:50
    Abdullah Baig

    Umm Interesting interesting

  • Hs Brawl Stars
    2020-03-31 16:08
    Hs Brawl Stars


  • Lina_L lina.lobdjanidze
    2020-03-30 18:30
    Lina_L lina.lobdjanidze


  • Mondy Mondialu
    2020-03-30 17:45
    Mondy Mondialu

    Fututi morti in gura celmai urt joc evarrrr

  • Garison Hofstede
    2020-03-30 17:43
    Garison Hofstede


  • Stormbreaker Gaming YT
    2020-03-30 13:37
    Stormbreaker Gaming YT

    Utter flop

  • Krbro CirclePatch
    2020-03-30 06:19
    Krbro CirclePatch

    This is a pretty good simulator, I like how there's skins, 3D models, and an upgrading system. I'm pretty excited for the next few updates

  • andrei remus
    2020-03-29 17:11
    andrei remus

    The quality is not good and the sound effect when you open boxes isn't there...

  • FaZe Mike
    2020-03-29 15:25
    FaZe Mike


  • Ali Tabaja
    2020-03-25 20:17
    Ali Tabaja


  • pizza dogs
    2020-03-24 05:33
    pizza dogs

    Don't play so badly gameplay

  • DinoDude367 Is yes
    2020-03-22 08:17
    DinoDude367 Is yes

    Not a game or anything

  • Balakrishna Singh A
    2020-03-20 06:09
    Balakrishna Singh A


  • Maria Martins
    2020-03-19 19:46
    Maria Martins

    Gg but bad language And under the locks for Shelly they say nita

  • Parmjit Kaur
    2020-03-17 16:48
    Parmjit Kaur

    Good app

  • HACKER gamingYT
    2020-03-17 12:34
    HACKER gamingYT

    Let me see it then i will post

  • Dark Love
    2020-03-15 19:03
    Dark Love


  • Toxic Noob
    2020-03-14 21:57
    Toxic Noob

    I love this game its shuch a good football game

  • Zeyad Mohamed
    2020-03-14 13:51
    Zeyad Mohamed

    Good app

  • Koko Ohanian
    2020-03-14 08:39
    Koko Ohanian

    Not goood

  • Drifted rail
    2020-03-14 01:47
    Drifted rail


  • Chance Carbary
    2020-03-13 21:20
    Chance Carbary

    Love this game alot but there is to many ads

  • Afghan Afghan
    2020-03-11 14:13
    Afghan Afghan


    2020-03-08 10:47

    Good game.l have a leon

  • Pavel Hauser
    2020-03-01 22:37
    Pavel Hauser

    Bad game

  • David Kadric
    2020-02-29 10:00
    David Kadric

    Not bad game

  • Brayden Bell
    2020-02-20 03:08
    Brayden Bell

    Its boring and it sucks

  • ty starr
    2020-02-17 18:28
    ty starr

    good app

  • Brawl stars Gaming
    2020-02-17 15:49
    Brawl stars Gaming

    Its a lie it dosent work

  • Katiurka Rosario perez
    2020-02-15 02:37
    Katiurka Rosario perez

    IT sucked dont you think i didnt see the badwords

  • Broken Cake
    2020-02-14 16:54
    Broken Cake

    It is good however this is the 5th time when I have got every brawler apart from 2 and the game doesn't let me open anymore boxes. I would suggest not playing the game until the developers fix this issue if it happened to you once and if it did, don't make the mistake that I did of installing it again because it is a huge waste of time.

  • ugyenthefox
    2020-02-14 13:15

    This box Opening suck!!!

  • Ethan Luu
    2020-02-12 19:31
    Ethan Luu

    Boring straight away boring

  • Austin McIntosh
    2020-02-12 01:29
    Austin McIntosh

    It's a scam it scammed me and took all my brawlers that I had

  • kathryn okcu
    2020-02-11 14:40
    kathryn okcu


  • seb playz
    2020-02-10 20:54
    seb playz

    You know what I think this game is cool I haven't tried it BUT I have played it when I was 5 but now I'm 10 it gives me such memory of myself anyways this game is the best also sub to supercell

  • ROB Main69
    2020-02-08 19:33
    ROB Main69


  • Stranger Smido
    2020-02-08 14:22
    Stranger Smido

    Worst ever don't even play plz

  • Joost Gamer’-β€˜
    2020-02-06 08:08
    Joost Gamer’-β€˜

    the game just crashes

  • Bella grafu
    2020-02-03 18:25
    Bella grafu

    It's ok

  • Rylan Gibson
    2020-02-02 21:29
    Rylan Gibson

    I love how you made up different games and made a box simulator for brawl stars it's almost as fun as brawl stars

  • Iasonas Apostolidis
    2020-02-02 15:36
    Iasonas Apostolidis


  • Lego stop motion
    2020-01-27 19:26
    Lego stop motion

    Really bad its really annoying you can't even play the brawlers

  • G Devharishkumar
    2020-01-25 10:39
    G Devharishkumar

    A super app I like so much bro we salute

  • Two side gamer 2
    2020-01-16 15:21
    Two side gamer 2

    My id is TABHAI_01 and my brother name also TABHAI_01

  • Minecraft Cool
    2020-01-15 00:34
    Minecraft Cool

    Worst Thing Ever, Said Bad Words Open Shelly And See It's Bio :(

  • jamie paton
    2020-01-14 21:22
    jamie paton

    Good app for something to do but the only problem is that once I got all the brawlers everytime I open a box the game just has a blue screen and doesn't load anything. Even turning the app off and on doesn't help

  • Stelli Daniel
    2020-01-13 19:13
    Stelli Daniel


  • Charmaine Robertson-jones
    2020-01-10 21:49
    Charmaine Robertson-jones

    Swearing when looking at star power

  • Big Boy
    2020-01-07 20:22
    Big Boy


  • Koala Panda
    2020-01-07 16:34
    Koala Panda


  • Lalita Pandey
    2020-01-07 12:45
    Lalita Pandey

    Its really disgusting and disgusted

  • Axel Barrera
    2020-01-05 00:02
    Axel Barrera

    THis app is good

  • yechan choi
    2020-01-02 21:02
    yechan choi

    What can you expect from a game that even copy properly

  • beast master
    2020-01-01 11:49
    beast master

    Trash it doesn't feel like brawlstars

  • Ilija Grbic
    2020-01-01 10:10
    Ilija Grbic


  • NyanKids Slime
    2020-01-01 00:32
    NyanKids Slime


  • Mr.crystal
    2019-12-30 18:33


  • Iconic Name
    2019-12-29 21:17
    Iconic Name

    Hate it stupid and boring

  • Isil Ata
    2019-12-27 06:50
    Isil Ata


  • Kent Padilla
    2019-12-23 06:22
    Kent Padilla

    Its just bad there are to many ads after when i open a brawl box

  • thekiller78 pie
    2019-12-23 04:35
    thekiller78 pie

    So bad

  • Alpha 7116
    2019-12-22 15:29
    Alpha 7116


  • Paula Bays
    2019-12-21 23:29
    Paula Bays

    Bet almost better than real brawl stars

  • ramil hakimov
    2019-12-21 20:50
    ramil hakimov

    guys this game is so much fun donlow that game πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  • GetGaming
    2019-12-21 17:21

    Trash. BAD. You're "SO RICH!" If you're so rich, shut down this game! We also don't need cussing especially for little kids. If you are going to make a game, at least make it appropriate!

    2019-12-21 09:59

    Liquid ass

  • kurniadi pramita Abadi
    2019-12-21 06:16
    kurniadi pramita Abadi

    Yeah who created this is a copy of brawl stars this suck just play real brawl stars also no freaking game only opening i decided to delete

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