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Torch Flashlight LED HD

Torch Flashlight LED HD

2.01.21 (Google Play) for Android


The brightest and fastest flashlight. Get it NOW for free !





10.15 MB


GoldenShores Technologies, LLC



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Torch Flashlight LED HD
There are many flashlight / torch apps, so why get this one ?

- Brightest and most POWERFUL light possible
- It's FREE !

- It is simple and well designed
- launch it and get light instantly by pressing one button
- uses the integrated FlashLight LED
- also uses your full screen as a color light lamp (works on all devices)
- add a widget for quick access

This app is compatible with most phones including those on which other apps do not work. This includes for example : Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 Edge, S6, J7, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Oppo, Huawei, LG, Lenovo,Vivo, HTC, Alcatel, ZTE, Asus Zenfone, Motorola Moto G4, E2... and many more !

Try it. It's simply the best at what it does.
Torch Flashlight LED HD 2.01.21 (Google Play) Update
Flashlight 2.00.51-52 - Fixed to work for some devices Flashlight 2.00.50 - Increased Led brightness for all Samsung Galaxy devices with Android 7.0+ and some other Flashlight 2.00 - Fully new design - Fully redesigned app core - Added blinking possibility for led and screen lights
More Information
2.01.21 (Google Play)
10.15 MB
GoldenShores Technologies, LLC
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      :
Version           : 2.01.21 (Google Play)  (20121)
Min Sdk Level     : 23
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0
Target Sdk Level     : 29
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 10.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks READ_GSERVICES : CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. FLASHLIGHT : Allows access to the flashlight WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION : FOREGROUND_SERVICE : BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : RECEIVE :
Activities (Launcher) ch.smalltech.ledflashlight.core.Settings ch.smalltech.ledflashlight.core.TestTool ch.smalltech.ledflashlight.core.TestToolLight ch.smalltech.common.aboutbox.AboutBox ch.smalltech.common.reviewpopup.ReviewPopupActivity ch.smalltech.common.promotions.PromoPopupActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Soolai Anne
    2020-05-17 22:02
    Soolai Anne

    Best Lake

  • Arun Kumar
    2020-05-12 19:57
    Arun Kumar


  • Faisal Shaikh
    2020-05-09 23:08
    Faisal Shaikh


  • Jyrunhkptnjsnlcfradmvphtrvelcir Crysyslycrnysnradt
    2020-05-08 11:13
    Jyrunhkptnjsnlcfradmvphtrvelcir Crysyslycrnysnradt

    Interesting. Joeyhawkinson crysyslycarnyluciferianadmvelcirraptorianhelsingdraculastalkerdraculasoakersdraculahunters. Serial. Sexual. Child. Abuse,animal. Abuse!

  • Jennifer Goh
    2020-05-06 23:13
    Jennifer Goh

    User friendly. Thanks.

  • Clement Essel
    2020-05-03 00:31
    Clement Essel


  • Cathrine Blizard
    2020-04-29 23:14
    Cathrine Blizard

    This game is incredibly awesome I can cry😂

  • Nicholas Robinson
    2020-04-28 21:28
    Nicholas Robinson

    Lost a star for ads. Sound is the last thing I need when fumbling in the dark. Otherwise this app was perfect for years.

  • Imran Ali
    2020-04-26 12:12
    Imran Ali

    Nice app

  • anthony mellilo
    2020-04-24 21:46
    anthony mellilo

    I love this light! A no nonsense app, that gives you what you want. A light in a hurry. The other colored light, though I probably won't ever use it. Is a nice, simple extra. Folks get this app: "Flashlight HD LED"

  • Gypsy Harvey
    2020-04-24 20:09
    Gypsy Harvey

    Easy to use

  • Samaneh Dehghan
    2020-04-17 06:39
    Samaneh Dehghan


  • Kanwal Asif
    2020-04-12 06:13
    Kanwal Asif

    I love it its super handy 👍👍

  • Mustafa Malik
    2020-04-09 18:46
    Mustafa Malik

    Very nice app

  • S A
    2020-04-09 04:24
    S A

    Need a paid version.

  • Godwin Ofori -Attah
    2020-04-08 21:49
    Godwin Ofori -Attah

    Good app

  • Shahbaj Gaffar
    2020-04-05 04:25
    Shahbaj Gaffar

    Very useful an app. I used it several times & felt good. Light bright enough. Thx.

  • Nabou Dia
    2020-04-03 23:59
    Nabou Dia


  • okeyo tobias
    2020-04-03 13:35
    okeyo tobias


  • Christine Groom
    2020-03-31 02:14
    Christine Groom

    I love this flashlight. It is really bright and it has come in handy many times when I've needed a flashlight and didn't have one with me. It has different colors and different flashing patterns but I haven't needed those features so far. The flashing patterns would be helpful in an emergency situation.

  • vineet sharma
    2020-03-27 05:38
    vineet sharma


  • Jon Doe
    2020-03-26 04:27
    Jon Doe

    Works great!

  • Irene Martin
    2020-03-09 11:09
    Irene Martin

    I love this app because it has come in handy so many times and it has a wide range and it's very bright

  • Hamid La57
    2020-03-03 17:57
    Hamid La57


  • Lourdes Villanueva
    2020-03-03 06:29
    Lourdes Villanueva

    I love this app. It's great,bright, and it will not stop for ads. I use my light like a flashlight. I strongly recommend it.

  • Debbie F
    2020-03-02 21:22
    Debbie F

    For the most part it's a good reliable flashlight. On occasion it does it's own thing (like flipping from back to front or changing the light mode) but easy to correct.

  • Rahat Hasan
    2020-02-24 11:37
    Rahat Hasan


  • Sheila Detherage
    2020-02-24 00:31
    Sheila Detherage

    Super handy, use this app all the time. It's my go-to whenever I need light for any reason.

  • Gill Bradley
    2020-02-23 21:15
    Gill Bradley

    Really useful. Good source of light.

  • Landon Scism
    2020-02-12 23:16
    Landon Scism

    Great utility. Highly recommended.

  • Eddie Marr
    2020-02-03 09:59
    Eddie Marr

    Love this Flashlight App!

  • Vineet Shokeen
    2020-02-01 00:39
    Vineet Shokeen

    Brilliant and easy to use

  • Domabalee Sayibu
    2020-01-27 21:30
    Domabalee Sayibu


  • William Stebbins
    2020-01-22 04:16
    William Stebbins

    Useful and cool other options, love it.

  • A Google user
    2020-01-15 05:21
    A Google user

    Incredible options. The ultimate dual flashlight. I love this app.

  • Jackson Wanje
    2020-01-12 14:36
    Jackson Wanje

    Nice app

  • Allison Gorton
    2020-01-05 06:47
    Allison Gorton

    Easy to use

  • Norbert Magyar
    2020-01-02 04:34
    Norbert Magyar


  • Mohit Palmurkar
    2020-01-01 15:26
    Mohit Palmurkar

    Good app

  • Emmanuel Akran
    2020-01-01 00:27
    Emmanuel Akran


  • Chelsea Gulle
    2019-12-29 20:01
    Chelsea Gulle

    I love this flashlight!

  • Dan Sweeney
    2019-12-26 15:44
    Dan Sweeney

    Great app

  • Renato Morgante
    2019-12-25 23:01
    Renato Morgante

    High Lux intensity, and good replacement for a toach all in one phone...Great App

  • Bill Schulz
    2019-12-25 14:02
    Bill Schulz

    Excellent app, always handy for situations where a little more light is needed. Recommended.

  • Patty Lynn Burke
    2019-12-22 11:10
    Patty Lynn Burke

    Great flashlight!

  • Rogerio Carvalho
    2019-12-16 08:04
    Rogerio Carvalho

    Love this app

  • Georgi Angelov
    2019-12-12 15:19
    Georgi Angelov

    Very cool app

  • Justin Goatley
    2019-12-07 12:43
    Justin Goatley

    Easy to use interface. Simplistic aesthetics with a few extra options. Overall...9.4.

  • John Miller
    2019-12-07 04:55
    John Miller

    Great app!

  • ken tew
    2019-12-05 19:26
    ken tew

    Nice, neat little App

  • Godfrey Elatsia
    2019-12-01 06:39
    Godfrey Elatsia

    Better experience

  • Benjamin Skipworth
    2019-11-23 21:51
    Benjamin Skipworth

    Simple easy works.

  • Rob Grigsby
    2019-11-23 02:45
    Rob Grigsby

    Very handy

  • Marion Hamzaj
    2019-11-17 00:14
    Marion Hamzaj

    'perfect, so much love..

  • Lightsttn1 A
    2019-11-16 21:35
    Lightsttn1 A

    I like this APP. It's easy to use. GREAT WORK CREATING IT. THANKS.

  • pj mitchell
    2019-11-06 01:26
    pj mitchell

    Perfect light app. Very quick to get to and very bright.

    2019-11-05 23:14


  • Jonathan Day
    2019-10-26 16:25
    Jonathan Day

    Adds pop up in emergency situations and prevent app from opening. Not a great experiance but it works

    2019-10-24 17:27

    Comes in handy whenever I need extra light

  • Ali Kori
    2019-10-23 16:53
    Ali Kori


  • stephen steele
    2019-10-21 18:47
    stephen steele

    Excellent app

  • terry hruska
    2019-10-10 14:12
    terry hruska

    Great light app brite

  • russell mcquiod
    2019-10-08 11:59
    russell mcquiod

    Works great

  • Elvis Sitoris
    2019-10-05 16:44
    Elvis Sitoris

    Just a good app. Have been using it to satisfaction

  • Don Tobias
    2019-10-03 21:24
    Don Tobias

    USED for years, still the best! LOADED with features that I actually use and has replaced at least three other flashlight apps that had limited capabilities. HIGHLY recommended!

  • Pradeep Kumar Das
    2019-10-03 15:14
    Pradeep Kumar Das

    waste app

  • Wylinda Williams
    2019-09-28 03:18
    Wylinda Williams

    It helps me find stuff.

  • Nora J Winn
    2019-09-25 06:24
    Nora J Winn

    This app always works & without adds. It only has one strength for free but the light is bright & I use it so often. 9/24/19 app still works good. But there are now adds.. But so I obtrusive they might have been there all along.. For sometime now there is now a flashing light as well as standard flashlight. No frills. Just does what I need.

  • max saif
    2019-09-22 11:15
    max saif


  • Game Shark
    2019-09-20 07:08
    Game Shark

    Minus the easy to avoid ad here and there, this app is flawless.

  • Dick Hudgens
    2019-09-15 19:56
    Dick Hudgens


  • casey little
    2019-09-13 02:23
    casey little

    Love that it turns on straight from the icon.

  • Adada Enterprise
    2019-08-29 08:48
    Adada Enterprise

    So far so good

  • David Speer
    2019-08-28 17:22
    David Speer


  • dj Gyan
    2019-08-22 10:58
    dj Gyan

    good ok

  • Aboozar Parsaei
    2019-08-18 16:38
    Aboozar Parsaei


  • Shajib Mondal
    2019-08-15 03:10
    Shajib Mondal


  • davidjknell
    2019-08-14 11:49

    great for hard to reach spots, inside cabinets, cluttered areas. The large on/off and adjustable strobe buttons sometimes cause an problem when I want to set the phone down to use both hands.

  • Mohammad Hamim
    2019-08-10 05:09
    Mohammad Hamim


  • Stephen Robinson
    2019-08-05 00:32
    Stephen Robinson

    excellent functionality.

  • Esorkinc
    2019-07-24 04:38


  • Jeremy Francis
    2019-07-22 14:03
    Jeremy Francis

    nice light app.

  • sunday akinbo
    2019-07-22 06:11
    sunday akinbo

    Good product

  • Aamir Muhammad
    2019-07-21 05:39
    Aamir Muhammad


  • Joanne Brown
    2019-07-20 22:28
    Joanne Brown

    good torch but turns off when u lock your screen. would be 5 star if it stayed on while screen is locked

  • Wha Wha
    2019-07-15 19:20
    Wha Wha

    very useful easy 2use

    2019-07-13 11:25

    Dose it work. YES !. Hassel free. YES !

  • john greene
    2019-07-10 15:33
    john greene

    Does exactly what its supposed to do...everytime.

  • Jigar Prajapati
    2019-07-07 10:21
    Jigar Prajapati

    old version was best

  • Karen Hannigan
    2019-07-04 03:20
    Karen Hannigan

    Love this ap! The flashlight is bright enough to light up a large area.

  • david pahl
    2019-07-01 15:51
    david pahl


  • Kindangi Raghuram
    2019-06-29 04:44
    Kindangi Raghuram


  • N Chaudry
    2019-06-10 16:12
    N Chaudry

    best torch app

  • Lina Ma
    2019-06-09 01:15
    Lina Ma

    Great app. Flashlight is super bright and convenient.

  • Arsalan Ali
    2019-06-07 19:56
    Arsalan Ali


  • Sean Lee
    2019-06-03 10:29
    Sean Lee

    Functional and easy UI

  • Jalindhar Kumbhar
    2019-05-25 14:02
    Jalindhar Kumbhar


  • Dalila Correia
    2019-05-23 02:47
    Dalila Correia

    simple and efficient

  • Marie Oldfield
    2019-05-21 22:15
    Marie Oldfield

    I have used this app for many years. It is quick to come on when you touch the button and lights up a wide area very bright You can set it to flash on and off at different speeds and also have your phone screen to be lit up in a coloured light choosing your own spectrum colour, or just white. I like this setting as have indoor birds, and use this often as the screen light is more subtle. This light has been great and stays on for as long as its needed. Thanks ;)

  • Roberto Guimaraes
    2019-05-18 14:43
    Roberto Guimaraes

    Excellent and dependable

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