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dict.cc+ dictionary
Dictionary for 51 language combinations, usable with or without an internet connection (offline dictionary). Vocabularies can be downloaded and updated within the app for free.

Before you buy, please test the free version of the app ("dict.cc")! Using this version you can try out all premium features for a week.

The "dict.cc plus" app is ad-free and comes with additional features:
- Recent Searches
- My vocabulary
- Quiz Game
- Vocabulary Trainer

German-English dictionary: 1 million translations
The following languages are available in combination with German and English:

Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

New translations and corrections can be suggested at http://contribute.dict.cc/. Every translation gets checked by several other contributing users. The downloadable vocabularies are updated daily.
dict.cc+ dictionary 10.7 Update
Dark mode (see settings), computer-generated audio available for DA, IS, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, RU, SV, TR (in addition to DE, EN, ES, FR, IT), new option “search box - focus on language switch”, bugfixes
More Information
3.80 MB
Frieder Klein
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : cc.dict.dictccplus
Version           : 10.6 (100600)
Min Sdk Level     : 23
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks
cc.dict.dictccplus.MainActivity (Launcher)
Reviews From google play store
  • Remmi Demmi
    2020-04-01 23:52
    Remmi Demmi

    Best dictionary.

  • David Greenwitch
    2020-03-26 18:56
    David Greenwitch

    Great dictionary

  • Hans Schattauer
    2020-03-07 19:35
    Hans Schattauer

    This off-line useable dictionary helped me many times. Thanks and keep it up. Ps.: how far is the ki-swahili dict?

  • Mr Power
    2020-02-24 01:55
    Mr Power

    Sehr hilfreiche App. Es wäre mir jedoch ein recht großes Anliegen die Möglichkeit zu haben Deutsch-Arabisch nutzen zu können.

  • Steve Meadow
    2020-02-02 07:01
    Steve Meadow

    Very nice app, but i miss swahili in the list! Hop you can manage to bring this language to dict.cc

  • Marcus Lehmann
    2019-12-29 03:55
    Marcus Lehmann

    The best dictionary with great functions. Vocabulary training could be improved.

  • Jonas Oldenstädt
    2019-12-19 03:40
    Jonas Oldenstädt

    It's super cool. However, vocabularies should be recalled after a specific period of time depending on the card box they are recently in.

  • Armin Linzbauer
    2019-12-02 07:20
    Armin Linzbauer

    Good as always

  • Armin A
    2019-11-25 15:22
    Armin A

    It's just great to have the option to save the entries and practice them later. Thank you!

  • Matthias Kobuch
    2019-11-17 10:32
    Matthias Kobuch

    Dict.cc+ dictionary ist eine gute app, aber es wäre einfacher wenn man einzelne Wörter direkt im Text markieren und nachschlagen könnte. ( Ich meine, ich markiere ein Wort in einem externen Text und dann erscheint die Option "übersetzen mit Dict.cc+" )

  • Rambling Bunny
    2019-11-08 15:54
    Rambling Bunny

    A great help for learning a new language.

  • Gabar Omar
    2019-10-20 06:36
    Gabar Omar

    Super App . Ich möchte arabisch auch drin sein ,wenn es möglich ist .

  • Mark Drescher
    2019-10-01 07:52
    Mark Drescher

    Absolutely useful and worth paying for it

  • sandeep saji
    2019-08-31 21:24
    sandeep saji

    I love this dictionary. Both the desktop and the mobile app versions. But I feel that, you should make it possible to search reflexive verbs.. For example if I'd search "sich vorbereiten auf".. The search would return no results.. Please make it also available the noun verb combinations such as " zur Verfügung stellen"... Would be highly appreciated. But nonetheless, its still a great lightweight app that does the job for me..

  • luego1234
    2019-08-30 06:43

    Excellent! The best for years! Simple but highly functional. Love the options for pronunciation and to save words in learning lists.

  • user name
    2019-08-12 22:38
    user name

    rich translations .. reiche Auswahl an Worten, die für die Übersetzung in Frage kommen! Effektive Benutzeroberfläche. Pragmatisches Design.

  • Willkommen German Tutorial
    2019-08-07 10:34
    Willkommen German Tutorial

    I just downloaded this app. Unfortunately I can not download a language package (tried a lot of times) , it always says "check your internet connection" I have a strong neteork connection!! Hilft mir!! I think I was robbed!

  • Enrico D'Ortenzio
    2019-06-30 10:23
    Enrico D

    Best dictionary for Deutsch

  • mark murai
    2019-06-16 07:05
    mark murai

    So far, best single phone app I have found for those that need a dictionary with multiple languages. One does not require network connection to use but periodic updates of the dictionary db is needed.

  • Michael Geisler
    2019-06-09 15:17
    Michael Geisler

    best dictionary app ever

  • Mohammad Rafi
    2019-06-02 22:30
    Mohammad Rafi

    the very useful dictionary

  • Lauritz Berg
    2019-04-28 02:07
    Lauritz Berg

    Like Wikipedia for a German - English dictionary. There is even a proper dark mode.

  • David Magnus
    2019-04-10 06:43
    David Magnus

    Dark mode is nice

  • Domingo Nacion
    2019-04-04 11:02
    Domingo Nacion

    It keeps saying no vocabulary downloaded, even though it has been downloaded already. I can't use it and I paid for it.

  • W Vitols
    2019-03-20 00:54
    W Vitols

    Years ago I gave this App 5 Stars. Now it has got better.

  • Pouya
    2019-02-22 10:54

    Best German-English dictionary I have seen so far.

  • A Google user
    2019-02-05 11:27
    A Google user

    This is a very good dictionary. I use German to English which seems comprehensive and accurate. Have used this for some years now.

  • Lenny
    2019-01-05 19:11

    I have used thier website for years. It is simply the best German/English dictionary that I have ever come accross (It was recommended to me by a very experienced German teacher). The free appp is great but, I am more than happy to buy this version and support them. The Play Store warned that is not optimized for my device (Lenovo TB-8704F on 7.1.1). I tried it anyway and it works fine; I just needed to restart the app after downloading language packs.

  • Fred Gumminger
    2018-11-14 15:33
    Fred Gumminger

    This is quite simply the best German English dictionary in any form printed or otherwise. I would strongly advise to get the paid version to enjoy all of its benefits. The developer is extremely responsive to questions or problems. if you are learning German at any level, you need this app!

  • Matty Reeve
    2018-10-15 09:19
    Matty Reeve

    This is a fantastic dictionary for on the go. I'd been using the other version for years before I found this 'life-time version' and would happily recommend it. Just a really useful dictionary that works perfectly without data, thanks.

  • Mario Stoll
    2018-07-02 12:46
    Mario Stoll

    While the new design is better since the latest update the app just turned really slow. It takes ages for suggestions to show up and the way they do is kind of inconvenient. I preferred the previous version. Edit: what the support said. The reason it slowed down was that the dictionaries weren't updated. Works again. Thank you!

  • Tobias Reich
    2018-06-28 21:45
    Tobias Reich

    Back in business. Works fine so far. Thanks!

  • Tom Freund
    2018-06-26 19:22
    Tom Freund

    Alte Bewertung siehe unten! Update 26.06.2018 - Danke für das Update! Alles funktioniert wie gesollt, daher die Bewertung geupdated. --------------------- Diese App wäre eigentlich ziemlich gut. Würde sie nur nicht dauernd abstürzen und langsam sein. Leider gibt es für mich keine Alternative. Aber eine gute App ist was anderes... Seit über einem Jahr ist diese App nicht mehr geupdated geworden, was ist da los?? //

  • A Google user
    2018-06-14 00:53
    A Google user

    Love the new version: Leiwand!

  • Sol Huebner
    2018-06-13 08:31
    Sol Huebner

    Great app for any language needs

  • Johannes Maschler
    2018-06-13 07:08
    Johannes Maschler

    The rewrite of the app greatly improved the overall experience!

  • Manuel Eisenschink
    2018-06-11 17:36
    Manuel Eisenschink

    Been using this app for years. Absolutely love it. It's proven to be useful several times when I hadn't had any internet connection available. Must have for everyone!

  • Brixter Tabun
    2018-06-10 09:46
    Brixter Tabun

    The navigation before is already fixed. I love this app now.

  • Budz Lavapie
    2018-06-09 17:05
    Budz Lavapie


  • Michael Dyer
    2018-06-06 17:23
    Michael Dyer

    Fantastic translation app. I use it multiple times every day.

  • A Google user
    2018-06-05 11:29
    A Google user

    After the update we finally got back the functioning app. Modern design, offline, lite on resources. Please keep up the good work!

  • Tim Gräning
    2018-06-04 10:23
    Tim Gräning

    Latest update increased performance and added some nice features

  • A Google user
    2018-06-04 08:21
    A Google user

    It's and outstandingly good dictionary for en-ge-en... if not the best in the Android world. The flaws and bugs of the previous version have been fixed, and I definitely like the new features.

  • Wain Poole
    2018-05-18 05:35
    Wain Poole

    Best German-English dictionary of several I have tried.

  • Tim Przybilski
    2018-04-26 06:31
    Tim Przybilski

    Best dictionairy app out there!

  • Nikolas Schuster
    2018-04-24 11:48
    Nikolas Schuster

    An absolute lifesaver and my faithful companion for years. German-English is amazing, French-German is pretty decent but not even close. Slightly annoying is that it would always crash before restarting on Android 6, on Android 8 you actually need to start it twice. After that it works fine though.

  • Paul Thomas
    2018-04-13 16:47
    Paul Thomas

    Excellent dictionary app.

  • Justin Rafferty
    2018-04-09 21:29
    Justin Rafferty

    Amazing dictionary. Only wish the quiz game had a mode for random vocabulary versus strictly your personal favorite vocabulary. Of course, there is the vocabulary trainer option with the loading of lists, but I want a massive, unrealistically difficult Vokabelübung.

  • A Google user
    2018-03-20 11:04
    A Google user

    Der Vokabeltrainer akzeptiert leider nur eine richtige Übersetzung...

  • Njoku Nwawudu
    2017-11-04 21:24
    Njoku Nwawudu

    Best German dictionary app on the play store. Has around 1 million Ger to Eng translations. Just wish they added bigger downloadable dictionaries for French and Italian, they have only around 32,000 and 14,000 words respectively.

  • Jan S
    2017-10-08 16:18
    Jan S

    Best dictionary app on the appstore! Thanks for your effort!

  • Sascha Brose
    2017-09-30 20:18
    Sascha Brose


  • A Google user
    2017-09-20 20:30
    A Google user

    In my opinion this app is nearly perfect, but still lacks the following: - marking of irregular verbs - verb conjugation in form of tables

  • A Google user
    2017-07-14 08:52
    A Google user

    Would appreciate if there was an option to store the vocabulary data on an external sd card.

  • A Google user
    2017-06-04 18:26
    A Google user

    If you're looking for the best, most comprehensive German-English/English-German dictionary, then look no further! The interface is very intuitive and it can even be used offline, which is great for someone like me. I use it daily to expand vocabulary, and the the price is well-worth it. An absolute must-have!

  • Andy Goss
    2017-05-17 09:59
    Andy Goss

    I would rate higher, but the app crashes on my phone. I've heard this is a problem with Google phones. Also, I would like the ability to turn the tap to speak the word or phrase off. It is easy to trigger by accident, and if I dont have my volume turned down, it can be embarrassing

  • Govienda Kumar
    2017-03-25 01:36
    Govienda Kumar

    hey I bought this app by mistake. please send me refund form

  • Bogdan-Alexandru Mosulet
    2017-03-23 21:33
    Bogdan-Alexandru Mosulet


  • Cryptic Void
    2017-02-24 18:50
    Cryptic Void

    Beste Dictionary App

  • Alexander Shaw
    2017-02-14 13:43
    Alexander Shaw

    Great app for German-Eng. But on my phone the app will crash the first time it's run and then will be fine once restarted. Just one small annoying setback really.

  • Marius Kamm
    2017-01-15 17:45
    Marius Kamm

    It crashes often on Google Pixel

  • Brendan McGill
    2016-12-03 09:23
    Brendan McGill

    Simply needs to implement more features to catch up with the browser version. I would like to see verb conjugations, and have the ability to save words and study them as flashcards like I do online. If there is a quiz game, why not make one using your own words? (Years later, very few updates)

  • A Google user
    2016-11-27 18:41
    A Google user

    It saves my life every day ;) Thanks man.

  • Michael N
    2016-10-28 08:28
    Michael N

    I love it, I advice all people to use it.

  • Vũ Lê
    2016-10-05 14:32
    Vũ Lê

    Great application.

  • Da Niel
    2016-10-02 17:03
    Da Niel

    Love it, but without showing irregular verbs it isn't useful

  • Zara privacy
    2016-09-18 14:10
    Zara privacy

    I need to use the app across my devices and save my vocab list and back it up. Please do something about that. Another thing maybe a google generated picture of the word

  • Rose Petal
    2016-09-15 05:51
    Rose Petal

    Spanish and French could use some more entries, but English-German is amazing. It has almost everything. It is a life saver. I use it more often than Duden. Thanks so much Developer!

  • Veaceslav Cotruta
    2016-09-10 14:33
    Veaceslav Cotruta

    I use mostly dict.cc for offline and quick translations. It has a built-in vocabulary trainer and ability to add other languages. Totally worths the price for the offline translations feature

  • Lea Schiller
    2016-07-16 13:25
    Lea Schiller

    Example of how a word is used in a sentence would be helpful.

  • Marco Baumann
    2016-07-01 00:46
    Marco Baumann

    Great app. Especially for translations between Germany & English. Offline available - great! When I start the app the first time... it kind of crashes (just opens for 0,3 seconds and then disappears). Clicking again on the App-Icon to start it and it opens as it should. That annoys a lot. Would like to have it fixed. Phone: HTC One M9 Android: 6.0 Resetting / Reinstalling the app did not work for me. 5 Stars when this issue is been fixed

  • Jacob Ranftl
    2016-04-25 10:17
    Jacob Ranftl

    Was mir fehlt ist im spanischen die erste Deklination, vor allem bei unregelmäßigen Verben wäre dies wichtig. Evtl auch Option um mehrere Zeiten anzuzeigen.

  • Krassen Peychev
    2016-04-20 20:43
    Krassen Peychev

    The best dictionary for those who learn german!

  • Dennis Benjamin Altmeier
    2016-04-17 08:45
    Dennis Benjamin Altmeier

    Nice to have :)

  • Elias Gaoro
    2016-03-26 06:52
    Elias Gaoro

    Can you add Russian voice?

  • Fabey
    2016-03-14 11:17

    Es bleibt kein Wunsch offen. Tut genau was es soll. Danke für die tolle Arbeit! Offline heißt hier vorallem Schnelligkeit.

  • tareq toj
    2016-03-13 20:30
    tareq toj

    But still till now the Arabic language not added.. I will pay more for it.. deal..

  • Jeremy Neff
    2016-02-17 15:54
    Jeremy Neff

    After finding dict.cc so useful for years, it is nice to see an Android app. I purchased the app without hesitation to gladly support developers. Thank you!

  • Jakob
    2016-01-26 07:16

    But waiting for vocabulary list sync (like on iOS)...

  • Johannes Wohlenberg
    2016-01-21 17:58
    Johannes Wohlenberg

    Liebe es

  • Othman Thieyabat
    2016-01-16 08:41
    Othman Thieyabat

    Einfach super

  • Zain Ul-Abdain
    2015-12-04 17:15
    Zain Ul-Abdain

    It would great if are able to play game with our words...that are bookmarked.....

  • Sascha Stocker
    2015-11-27 21:53
    Sascha Stocker

    best dict available

  • Doreen Z
    2015-11-13 20:26
    Doreen Z

    Best dictionary across the web -and worth more than it costs! Vielen Dank, Dev! It would be great to have syncing across devices of "My Vocabulary" and Backup. I am just beginning to learn German and am absolutely delighted at how easy it is to look for the plurals and the genders of words - making a guess and then finding the plural help me remember better than if everything were spoonfed to me! I use it every day and am very happy with it. Well done, Dev!

  • Papa Golf
    2015-11-07 18:44
    Papa Golf

    ...jedoch fehlt der App eine Backup Funktion.

  • Stephen Palmer
    2015-10-31 04:10
    Stephen Palmer

    The best of its kind and constantly improving.

  • Mark Jordan
    2015-10-17 22:55
    Mark Jordan

    Unfortunately there is one flaw: The vocabulary trainer is crap: Of course there are mostly several possibilities to translate a word, but the trainer accepts only a particuliar one (and you have no clue which one it wants), so most of translations are rated as wrong though you knew it, and even if you know many of the possibel translations. That's unusable.

  • Martin R. Russ
    2015-10-09 08:52
    Martin R. Russ


  • A Google user
    2015-09-28 10:10
    A Google user

    It is great dictionary, the free version as well as the plus one.

  • Matthias Overath
    2015-09-13 13:34
    Matthias Overath

    Sucht automatisch in beiden Sprachen, ohne umschalten. Großer Wortschatz offline!

  • derek ski
    2015-09-12 19:06
    derek ski

    I recommend this to all of my German students. Best I've ever used.

  • Jean Paul
    2015-09-10 10:59
    Jean Paul

    very good app. almost perfect, were it not for the lack of font customization for the words to be translated (on the left). Otherwise brilliant tool even offline.

  • Jens M Eichkorn
    2015-09-09 12:10
    Jens M Eichkorn

    Great app but would be really helpful if I could login to share my vocabulary across devices and as those from my browser account. I'll give 5 stars then :)

  • Hans-Jochen Krank-Hover
    2015-09-03 12:52
    Hans-Jochen Krank-Hover

    Love it!

  • A Google user
    2015-07-26 07:51
    A Google user

    I paid for this app but it cannot download any single vocabulary. It keeps bullshitting me "check your internet connection". I want my money back!!!

  • df K
    2015-07-18 16:42
    df K

    Very nice app, but not worth $5, yet. Adding a nice verb conjugator would make it more worth the money. Plus, the dict.cc site could benefit from it as well, you can see translations for a word and click "conjugate" or "decline" or something. A lot of work, but anyone who's learning a language along with translating will also need help with conjugation and declining. Why not put it all in one place?

  • Ali Denno
    2015-07-02 17:04
    Ali Denno

    Pretty good

  • Mr. Eko
    2015-06-30 10:18
    Mr. Eko

    Please make it possible that the voc. trainer accepts more than only one translation for a word. So also the other suggestions that have the same meaning (e.g.: liability = Haftung / Verbindlichkeit / Haftbarkeit / Verpflichtung / etc....

  • A Google user
    2015-06-15 09:37
    A Google user

    ... on various platforms. never see any crashed on Samsung tablet out phone.

  • Carsten E.
    2015-05-25 22:43
    Carsten E.

    I downloaded several times the language pack. After completion I tried to search words. But I always get the message that vocabulary is empty and I need to download. I would give 0 stars if it would be possible.

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