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dict.cc dictionary
Dictionary for 51 language combinations, usable without an internet connection (offline dictionary). Vocabularies can be downloaded and updated within the app for free. All dictionaries are bidirectional, so German-English doubles as English-German. Just type in your keyword in either language. 

English-German dictionary: 1 million translations
The following languages are available in combination with German and English:

Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

New translations and corrections can be suggested at http://contribute.dict.cc/. Every translation gets checked by several other contributing users. The downloadable vocabularies are updated daily.

Additional features can be activated within the app.
dict.cc dictionary 10.7 Update
Improved wildcard search for rhymes and crossword puzzles (* for any amount of characters, ? for exactly one character, examples: ?ingen, ??ingen, *ingen, r?ts?l, *r?ts?l), bugfixes and minor improvements
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5.41 MB
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Package Name      : cc.dict.dictcc
Version           : 10.6 (100600)
Min Sdk Level     : 23
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. BILLING : ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage.
cc.dict.dictcc.MainActivity (Launcher) com.google.android.gms.ads.AdActivity com.google.android.gms.common.api.GoogleApiActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Tejas Daware
    2020-05-18 04:41
    Tejas Daware

    Unable to download offline vocabulary

  • nouy youtube
    2020-05-14 16:16
    nouy youtube

    Very nice app. Unfortunately, no plural form readily available.

  • Piyumi Liyanage
    2020-05-12 08:50
    Piyumi Liyanage

    Really GOOD..⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Jeni Jay
    2020-05-10 10:35
    Jeni Jay

    Amazing! Thorough, detailed, covers all possible vocabulary and expressions in highly advanced German! Absolute recommendation!

  • Aleksandra Zawadka
    2020-05-05 14:06
    Aleksandra Zawadka

    I value this dictionary so much! Large base of terms and phrases. Incredibly helpful.

  • Dogan Dogramaci
    2020-05-05 13:24
    Dogan Dogramaci

    Perfect app for German learners.

  • Reza Shafaie
    2020-05-04 19:44
    Reza Shafaie

    Best app

  • Ahmed mostafa Loutfy 3978
    2020-05-03 16:24
    Ahmed mostafa Loutfy 3978


  • Kei Cheung
    2020-04-26 23:50
    Kei Cheung

    It has been a very helpful app with dictionaries that can go offline. I reinstalled it after resetting my phone and got into some problem with downloading the offline package (turned out to be storage permission issue with Android). Technical support was swift. Now everything works as great as it was before again!

  • Dario Savella
    2020-04-26 22:40
    Dario Savella

    Very, very helpful. I wish the German verbs had conjugation...

  • نجوم بالفطره Naturally Stars
    2020-04-19 22:22
    نجوم بالفطره Naturally Stars


  • Marc Diercksen
    2020-04-18 22:04
    Marc Diercksen

    Best dictionary

  • Hritik Sharma
    2020-04-18 14:39
    Hritik Sharma

    Nice dictionary. I like it so much

  • Darkn YourSoul
    2020-04-13 08:53
    Darkn YourSoul

    The only website I use for translating stuff. So happy there's an app for it now

  • Eric Correia
    2020-04-07 13:27
    Eric Correia

    I love this dictionary, is very useful for translator.

  • lalith pushpakumara
    2020-04-02 20:07
    lalith pushpakumara

    so helpful

  • William Hayden
    2020-03-29 19:24
    William Hayden

    Das beste ohne Zweifel! Dies ist mit Abstand das beste Deutsch-Englisch-Wörterbuch, das ich je benutzt habe. es ist bequem, es spricht die Wörter aus und begleitet mich überall hin. Es ist so viel besser, als überall ein Buch bei mir zu haben. Ich kann genau in diesem Moment nachschlagen. Bitte bieten Sie dies weiterhin deutschen Sprachliebhabern wie mir an. This is by far the best German English dictionary by far I have ever used. it is convenient, it pronounces the words and goes with me.

  • Omar Faruk
    2020-03-24 18:56
    Omar Faruk

    Add bangla

  • Hjalmar Schacht
    2020-03-22 16:56
    Hjalmar Schacht

    Hands down, THE BEST German dictionary out there. Quite useful. Definitely worth the small yearly subscription fee to get the extra features. I use this app often throughout the day and am very happy with it. Highly recommended.

  • Maha RajendraKumar
    2020-03-20 02:17
    Maha RajendraKumar

    Very useful app for German learners

  • Pavo Budimir
    2020-03-18 20:12
    Pavo Budimir

    Nur noch fehlt, ein Wort zum Favoriten zu hinzufügen.

  • Janet Gentleman
    2020-03-18 10:07
    Janet Gentleman

    Fantastic app. So useful. Thank you !

  • Saleh az
    2020-03-14 07:21
    Saleh az

    It's fantastic 😀, I have never had this kind of dictionary after Pleco Chinese, thank you so much for creating this, may Allah bless you all 😘😘😘❤️❤️

  • Harobed Rebew
    2020-03-11 21:56
    Harobed Rebew

    Great app, especially for offline use! It finds a lot (almost all) of the searched for words. Constant and reliable partner when traveling, because you can download the language packages and search for/translate words offline :). If you have internet access, you can also listen to the pronunciation, which can be helpful. Thank you for always improving the app. I hope you never stop, because it's one of my favorites. :)

  • SongsAboutGhost
    2020-03-10 03:00

    Really useful to have. Uses a bit of memory to download packs for offline use, but my phone doesn't have much memory and I still think it's worthwhile!

  • Nikolay Todorov
    2020-03-08 19:47
    Nikolay Todorov

    Super useful! It managed to help me in utter cases at work.

  • Natia Sepiashvili
    2020-03-08 11:52
    Natia Sepiashvili


  • Neelam Oberoi
    2020-02-24 17:43
    Neelam Oberoi

    Op bro

  • Sheila Madhvani
    2020-02-24 06:58
    Sheila Madhvani

    This app is amazing. Thank you so much for an incredibly reliable and informative resource which has consistently continued to improve.

  • Erandika Shaminie
    2020-02-20 16:28
    Erandika Shaminie

    Excellent app

  • James Parker
    2020-02-20 08:09
    James Parker

    Your dictionary is fantastic, but please add phonetics for the entries. That'll make it perfect. Thanks!

  • Ugur KURT
    2020-02-10 17:54
    Ugur KURT

    It is the best app for learn

  • jeyanth ram
    2020-02-05 15:21
    jeyanth ram

    Best dictionary ever. Thank you!

  • Simona Veselá
    2020-01-25 15:30
    Simona Veselá

    Great app, the only thing I'm missing is if the verbs in Perfektum are used with sein/haben.

  • Ulf Nowotny
    2020-01-24 19:35
    Ulf Nowotny

    Works very well, thank you!

  • MAK leo
    2020-01-23 13:05
    MAK leo

    Glad that offline feature is available

  • Alexander von Duering
    2020-01-23 05:43
    Alexander von Duering

    Good app but I can't figure out why nouns don't have plurals. Is that a paid for feature? Website has them. Edit: Thank You! My oversight. *****

  • Derrick Oswald
    2020-01-23 05:27
    Derrick Oswald

    Has a lot of word forms so it finds most searches.

  • Josip Pejaković
    2020-01-21 20:19
    Josip Pejaković

    Great app

  • Hamsa Devi
    2020-01-21 09:18
    Hamsa Devi

    Large vocabulary. Very useful.

  • Kenjiru
    2020-01-17 08:19

    Does nit crash anymore at startup.

  • Jyoti Kukadwal
    2020-01-15 14:13
    Jyoti Kukadwal

    My experience about this app is nt good

  • israel w waghmare
    2020-01-09 08:58
    israel w waghmare


  • 陈孟捷
    2020-01-08 09:31

    Amazing dic

  • Heather Houston
    2020-01-08 07:24
    Heather Houston

    It would be nice if the pronunciation feature was only activated by directly tapping that button instead of also on the translated words. It's quite embarrassing when it plays in public, and it's incredibly easy to accidentally tap the word while scrolling. The shame is that the app is otherwise uncomplicated and great for translations on the go.

  • Ulti Mator
    2020-01-06 17:23
    Ulti Mator

    Best translator app out there

  • Yazid Ahmed
    2020-01-06 13:29
    Yazid Ahmed

    So bad

  • Simon Däster
    2020-01-06 06:38
    Simon Däster

    Works online and offline, fast, multilingual, does a perfect job.

  • · C r y s t a l · · C l e a r ·
    2020-01-05 15:20
    · C r y s t a l · · C l e a r ·

    thank you for this app.

  • Kimmy Dormentes
    2020-01-05 08:23
    Kimmy Dormentes


  • Ha Spitz
    2020-01-03 09:56
    Ha Spitz


  • natalie paula
    2019-12-27 07:16
    natalie paula

    very very helpful dictionary!

  • Kassiopeia
    2019-12-25 05:54

    Great translater especially for offline use! One small problem... we use Indonesian-English translater too. ...

  • Behram Sidhwa
    2019-12-19 17:52
    Behram Sidhwa

    Have changed my phone repeatedly and always returned to downloading this app. Better than the others. More thorough and super easy to use

  • Sanny F
    2019-12-13 20:47
    Sanny F

    Is really nice even without the premium version

  • Jerome Washington
    2019-12-11 06:29
    Jerome Washington

    Total garbage.

  • Syrian tammuz
    2019-12-10 21:18
    Syrian tammuz

    I can't download the data! Samsung J1 2016

  • Luka Vukmirovic
    2019-12-10 11:15
    Luka Vukmirovic

    Easy to use and have really much important and easily accessible informations, like konjugation, komparation and everything else.

  • Yuvraj Singh Shekhawat
    2019-12-07 11:08
    Yuvraj Singh Shekhawat

    Thank you so much for your help

  • Bone Gnash
    2019-11-30 05:38
    Bone Gnash

    Saves my ass in German class regularly

  • John Williams
    2019-11-29 07:15
    John Williams


  • Bruno Reich
    2019-11-24 22:47
    Bruno Reich

    Best dictionary app I have ever seen.

  • A Google user
    2019-11-18 04:36
    A Google user

    -2 stars. When ads are loaded,, the keyboard hides itself, even if you are in the middle of typing, causing often an accidental tap on the ad.

  • David Alex
    2019-11-15 14:56
    David Alex

    Thank you for all the good things, like good and very good translations in multiple languages, dark mode interface, tabular view,copy a word by just a single tap on it. I miss sometime when ofline, the audio which is the best I have heard because it has native people(many thanks to them) speaking....there are more goodies but painfull to write on this extremely small android phone keyboard.

  • kumar avi
    2019-11-15 10:46
    kumar avi

    I subscribed for 1 year just after downloading from play store.I thought it as very useful app to be used as german-english dictionary. But don't know how to use it fully. Should add tutorial for subscribers to use it fullywith all plus pack features.

  • Nishchay Kumar
    2019-11-13 18:40
    Nishchay Kumar

    Das beste Wörterbuch .. Premium ist auch gut..

  • Calin Spaceborne
    2019-11-12 21:43
    Calin Spaceborne

    Very good dictionary. The website is also ok.

  • Girish Narsinghani
    2019-11-12 06:05
    Girish Narsinghani

    Superb app, almost all vocabularies& idioms are available in this dictionary, except few idioms.

  • Ibrahim Manzoor
    2019-11-09 16:50
    Ibrahim Manzoor


  • Edson Morales Santamaria
    2019-11-09 05:06
    Edson Morales Santamaria

    An awesome app

  • Dhrumil Dave
    2019-11-01 17:31
    Dhrumil Dave

    Updates required. Crashes frequently. "Word of the Day / Everyday Word Challenge" can make the app more desirable.

  • Yam Yam
    2019-10-29 13:41
    Yam Yam

    Help us to much 😘😘 But please even in off line open it

  • Jerlyn Cuaton
    2019-10-28 12:19
    Jerlyn Cuaton

    Great. Big help

  • dzudud bdjdjr
    2019-10-27 11:08
    dzudud bdjdjr

    Usage is a little complicated.

  • hamza rashid
    2019-10-23 05:55
    hamza rashid

    very good

  • pibells
    2019-10-18 06:55

    The best dictionary app

  • Utkarsh Modi
    2019-10-17 05:40
    Utkarsh Modi

    Pathetic experience...some word didn't recognized by application...poor result for finding feeds

  • Venkatraman Bhagwat
    2019-10-15 01:38
    Venkatraman Bhagwat

    Since 2 days, the app is not connecting to server. Earlier it was working fine.

  • Lojain Ashraf
    2019-10-14 19:56
    Lojain Ashraf

    I love it. It's interesting

  • Anuradha Kuthi
    2019-10-14 15:22
    Anuradha Kuthi

    The app has stopped working suddenly, even though I have reinstalled it. Not sure how to fix this up

  • Surabhi Kadam
    2019-10-13 02:00
    Surabhi Kadam


  • reza saket
    2019-10-12 18:11
    reza saket

    I think the voice writing can make this app more interesting

  • A Wheeler
    2019-10-12 17:32
    A Wheeler

    Great, really useful and easy to usr

  • simon mag
    2019-10-11 15:31
    simon mag

    I love this app. Had it installed on my old i-phone installed it now on my new android I love the fact that you can download the dictionary and can have the independence from a wifi connection.

  • Praveen Kuragodi
    2019-10-11 13:22
    Praveen Kuragodi

    Very handy app for meanings and getting German words from English.

  • Vishal Kumar
    2019-10-10 11:31
    Vishal Kumar

    This app is very great and helpful

  • Partha sarathy
    2019-10-10 11:05
    Partha sarathy

    the application is very good it really helps to know the synonyms easily. Completely with no complications .. I would recommend this app for a new learner

  • Dharmikkumar Anaghan
    2019-10-02 12:16
    Dharmikkumar Anaghan

    This is the best language learning app as i use to learn German .

  • Oseloka Isichei
    2019-10-01 21:33
    Oseloka Isichei

    Easy to use with soo much content

  • Pat McCabe
    2019-09-29 12:27
    Pat McCabe


  • David Ramos
    2019-09-29 02:43
    David Ramos

    Difficult to download different dictionaries

  • Hs Sharma
    2019-09-26 07:26
    Hs Sharma


  • Emily
    2019-09-25 07:36

    Best and most accurate app I have found for translating between English and German. Also great that you can download the vocabulary and use offline.

  • kuldeep khichar
    2019-09-24 17:57
    kuldeep khichar


  • Rani jain Jain
    2019-09-24 10:01
    Rani jain Jain

    Das ist sehr gut für mir

  • George Mateescu
    2019-09-24 08:40
    George Mateescu

    Great app and very helpful and responsive dev.

  • Shakir Zainuddin
    2019-09-22 14:09
    Shakir Zainuddin

    I've been using this dictionary for years on my browser and smartphone for German to English (and vice versa) translations. One of the best one out there. Thank you so much.

  • tony stark
    2019-09-20 05:26
    tony stark

    a handy, fast and helpful app to me. pro features definitely worth the purchase!

  • Preetam Jain
    2019-09-20 04:05
    Preetam Jain


  • Ramesh Singh
    2019-09-19 11:26
    Ramesh Singh

    Best application for Eng-Ger

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