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Small and stable Flashlight Widget. No ads.





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David Medenjak



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Flashlight Widget
Small and stable lightweight Flashlight Widget using your cameras flash.
One press toggles the LED flash.
No additional permissions. No ads.
A simple flashlight widget with less than 30kb.

The source code is published under MIT License

Use your cameras flash to enlighten the dark. The widget is to be placed on your homescreen and the flash can be activated with a press of a button.

This flashlight comes as a WIDGET. There is no app launcher.

* Camera - Needed to access the flash
* control flashlight
* Wake Lock - Keep the light running when you turn the screen off

Small and stable lightweight Flashlight Widget using your cameras flash.
One press toggles the LED flash.
No additional permissions. No ads.
A simple flashlight widget with less than 30kb.

The source code is published under MIT License

Use your cameras flash to enlighten the dark. The widget is to be placed on your homescreen and the flash can be activated with a press of a button.

This flashlight comes as a WIDGET. There is no app launcher.

* Camera - Needed to access the flash
* control flashlight
* Wake Lock - Keep the light running when you turn the screen off        
Flashlight Widget 4.0.1 Update
Improve stability by using a foreground service
More Information
31.37 kB
David Medenjak
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : at.bleeding182.flashlight
Version           : 4.0.1 (41)
Min Sdk Level     : 14
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.0,4.0.1,4.0.2
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. FLASHLIGHT : Allows access to the flashlight WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming FOREGROUND_SERVICE :
at.bleeding182.flashlight.InstallerActivity (Launcher)
Reviews From google play store
  • Anita _
    2020-05-31 13:44
    Anita _

    I love these kind of ad free apps which works with no flaws.

  • Dana B.
    2020-05-25 07:51
    Dana B.

    Randomly stopped working today after working fine for almost a year. Uninstalled and re-downloaded, but it still isn't working.

  • Umair Riaz
    2020-05-20 23:12
    Umair Riaz

    Excellent software. Thnks for making

  • Chuck Itall
    2020-05-19 12:14
    Chuck Itall

    hands down the best flashlight function out there. It is not an app but a proper widget, and works even with turning the screen off and has a small button. its about time someone did an actual smart version..congrats! I will buy any apps or widgets from this maker if they do things this cleaver and simple. cheers!

  • Charley M
    2020-05-16 08:02
    Charley M

    Love it. Doesn't work on L4 stylo 4

  • rupeshwar priy
    2020-05-06 07:40
    rupeshwar priy


  • Jaimee Molloy
    2020-05-02 21:47
    Jaimee Molloy

    I have previously downloaded those "shake to activate" Flashlight apps, but found that many of them are just too sensitive for phone in my everyday life (not to mention, completely plastered with distracting ads). I just so happened to stumble upon this particular app & found it to be the more useful & practical alternative. I especially like it's simple aesthetic, the widget itself, & it's accessibility. Worth checking out if you find yourself using the front light on your phone frequently!

  • Margaret Richardson
    2020-04-29 06:49
    Margaret Richardson

    I didnot even understand it

  • Joe P
    2020-04-24 23:27
    Joe P

    Great! I use it all the time.

  • F Roshinski
    2020-04-23 11:50
    F Roshinski

    Works with easy to find button!

  • Don Mitoma
    2020-04-22 16:12
    Don Mitoma

    Perfect! Love this.

  • A Al Mamun
    2020-04-22 15:21
    A Al Mamun


  • Scott Kennedy
    2020-04-19 00:50
    Scott Kennedy

    Doesnt work on my new Android 9 phone. Crashes Home.

  • Sherry T
    2020-04-17 11:29
    Sherry T

    Simple, easy, small size ! Very good

  • SlytherKing Sahil Patel
    2020-04-16 02:56
    SlytherKing Sahil Patel

    Tu Mane Bhagwan Ek Vardan Aapi De

  • Tamal Mondal
    2020-04-15 17:28
    Tamal Mondal


  • Russell Smith
    2020-04-12 13:54
    Russell Smith

    Perfect minimalistic torch. Nice widget; not ugly like others.

  • DC Fanboy
    2020-04-06 11:45
    DC Fanboy


  • Chaudhary Dev
    2020-04-05 16:22
    Chaudhary Dev

    Smallest and great job %####

  • Halim Shah Darus
    2020-03-27 08:26
    Halim Shah Darus

    It does perfectly what is should.

  • Nelson Pierce
    2020-03-23 07:44
    Nelson Pierce

    Works with note10+

  • Виталий Сидоров
    2020-03-17 16:25
    Виталий Сидоров

    This application does its job well and its only does its job and no more. In fact, there is not even an application avaliable here - its just the widget that toggles yourflash light and that is about it. When I searched the market for a widget that toggles the flashlight, I did not expected that I will actually find an app that does not also bundles lots of unnecessary stuff. And most of apps have names likes "ultra bright" or "super colourful" as if installing their apps magically turns portable android LED flashlight into a portable laser capable of destroying whole planet. But this wonderful app does exactly what it says on the tin and no more - "Flashlight widget" adds a widget that allows you to instantly toggle the flashlight in the same way as built-in widget in Android 4.0 or lower instead of having to pull down status bar and press a button there.

  • Phanact
    2020-03-13 22:59

    Love it!

  • Clayton McKeon
    2020-03-12 00:53
    Clayton McKeon

    Works perfectly

  • Tim Shields
    2020-03-10 04:11
    Tim Shields

    Awesome 👍

  • Mike Veenema
    2020-03-03 12:11
    Mike Veenema

    It just works.

  • Juan Hicks
    2020-02-25 23:40
    Juan Hicks

    Love it. Click on click off. Dont have to wait for an extra page to load. Stays on while visiting other aps.

  • JCS
    2020-02-21 13:47

    Ease of use but brightness is low. If brightness was high.or even better if it was adjustable I'd give it 5*

  • Andrew
    2020-02-18 14:04

    Perfect, just what I wanted. Android took the widget away for some reason...

  • kevin blackard
    2020-02-18 09:08
    kevin blackard

    Easy and simple to use. Two thumbs up

  • Joseph Martorana
    2020-02-12 01:53
    Joseph Martorana


  • Abu Lais
    2020-02-11 19:39
    Abu Lais

    Great App. Definitely Not Boring. Better Quality. I Always Use This App..........Abu Lais.

  • DIY Dave
    2020-02-09 19:08
    DIY Dave

    Works perfect but... I wish I could change the color to match my screen design.

  • Repo Zona
    2020-02-07 11:17
    Repo Zona

    Supper . Recommended. Answer for Lorraine Dennis !!! Dont do low rate for app if you don't know how to add widget on home screen. Widget you must add manualy. Its not app which appears by self after install.

  • Mark Blaess
    2020-02-05 23:12
    Mark Blaess

    Bright and easy to use

  • Matthew
    2020-01-30 02:17

    Astonishingly fast response time. Only downside is it's not as bright as the native notification widget. Ease of access makes up for it.

  • Gulfishan Ahmad
    2020-01-25 09:06
    Gulfishan Ahmad


  • AWeSoMEpUNk272
    2020-01-23 09:25

    Quick and responsive. A great shortcut for turning on your flash light. Superb app!

  • คูว์ เมเม่
    2020-01-15 18:30
    คูว์ เมเม่


  • sue Gentles
    2020-01-12 09:43
    sue Gentles

    Works fine, nice bright .

  • Chris Swenson
    2020-01-11 13:05
    Chris Swenson

    Perfect! Simple! Free!

  • Babak Sima
    2020-01-10 20:00
    Babak Sima

    Very good. After installing the app you should send the icon to the home screen of the widget

    2020-01-06 18:22

    Tried to install it on my new phone and it wouldn't work

  • Steve Bailey
    2020-01-04 18:38
    Steve Bailey

    Easy to use, reliable.

  • Branko Kepic
    2020-01-02 20:57
    Branko Kepic


  • Sr Wantes
    2019-12-30 22:29
    Sr Wantes

    WOW THAT IS GREAT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ThanXxx Ω

  • Mike Kangaroo
    2019-12-11 10:41
    Mike Kangaroo

    So many over thought apps just to turn a dam light on and off, get rid of all the others because this one is all you need! Has worked perfectly on every phone I've owned over the years

  • R. L.
    2019-12-06 13:19
    R. L.

    Excellent and efficient.. have always had this widget on my home screen.

  • The World of the 21st Century
    2019-11-28 04:50
    The World of the 21st Century

    Simplest , easiest and best to use .

    2019-11-28 01:56

    Great I would buy it if it wasn't free

  • Marcos Adrian Aguilera Servin
    2019-11-25 21:33
    Marcos Adrian Aguilera Servin

    Very useful.

  • Rita Rutledge
    2019-11-21 04:38
    Rita Rutledge

    Wont open stupid

  • Jeremiah Peacock
    2019-11-09 22:58
    Jeremiah Peacock

    THANK YOU. :)

  • nazim khursheed
    2019-11-07 16:24
    nazim khursheed

    Little & very effective easy to use....share with friends & loving ones....😘

  • juan manuel Ruival
    2019-11-02 04:48
    juan manuel Ruival

    Lo mejor en flash . Simple y util

  • Noah Penalosa
    2019-10-30 16:18
    Noah Penalosa

    Does everything as intended.

  • nathan graham
    2019-10-28 11:30
    nathan graham

    Love it great widget for samsung s10e so handy.

  • Patricio Olguín
    2019-10-25 22:34
    Patricio Olguín

    It doesn't work on Android 8.1.0

  • Brandon Naranjo
    2019-10-25 03:03
    Brandon Naranjo

    Best flashlight widget. No adds. Light weight. Reliable. A++++++

  • Dan Hammonds
    2019-10-22 15:54
    Dan Hammonds

    This widget works great. One thing to add to get 5th star, allow users to name the widget icon!

  • Lee Hawthorne
    2019-10-22 15:22
    Lee Hawthorne

    Didn't work

  • Frolin Marek
    2019-10-12 00:36
    Frolin Marek

    Nice simple button only light switch, no app page opens, no ads or such

  • David Schierholz
    2019-10-10 16:01
    David Schierholz

    On or off. No overhead. Got rid of a gig of bloat.

  • Rosendo Mendez
    2019-10-10 07:11
    Rosendo Mendez

    very good

  • Chris Derrick
    2019-10-09 20:37
    Chris Derrick

    Works pretty well on the Samsung S8 :) My only complaints would be that the icon depicts a power button rather than a flash light and the flash LED is slightly dimmer using the widget when when compared to using the torch icon in the notification panel.

  • Antonio Parga
    2019-10-06 12:13
    Antonio Parga


  • Edva A
    2019-10-04 20:53
    Edva A

    Very good app but it Stopped working, after phone update.

  • OmegaDMM
    2019-10-04 12:58

    Best flash light app.

  • Gavin Johnston
    2019-10-01 06:21
    Gavin Johnston

    A fairly uncommon thing - an app for free, with no disruptive ads, no skullduggery from the developer and works as described. Great app, full marks.

  • Sojourner-Love's Cycling
    2019-09-30 03:06

    Simple and useful widget...nothing else.

  • אγơƞǝא
    2019-09-22 22:45

    It is what it says it is. No ads. perfect. Recomended

  • Nicholas Gold
    2019-09-21 05:02
    Nicholas Gold

    Good torch

  • Mugen Asamiya
    2019-09-19 18:47
    Mugen Asamiya

    This Is Best!..

  • David Dahl
    2019-09-16 22:58
    David Dahl

    It used to work but this time the wiget isn't in the wiget place

  • Todd Lemieux
    2019-09-16 04:10
    Todd Lemieux

    Works like a charm! I have used this one several phones now and love it every time. Have never had any real problems with it. FYI when you install the app if puts an icon on your screen. This is not the widget though on most phones that button will not do anything. You have to put the widget on your screen the same way you install other widgets on your phone. (Usually a long press on an empty part of the screen will bring up the options to add widgets)

  • Nicole Miller
    2019-09-12 22:51
    Nicole Miller

    App will not open. Message keeps comong up dsying home keeps stopping. 😞

  • ihsan lazuardi
    2019-09-09 13:47
    ihsan lazuardi

    Simple & Work. Good App

  • Gilbert Healton
    2019-09-09 08:33
    Gilbert Healton

    Everything I want in a flashlight app. Light, and nothing but light. This is my second phone I've installed the widget on. By being a widget it is always fast starting. The installer needs no permissions beyond camera so it's secure. I've looked at the source code and it is super simple.

  • Lizzy Gee
    2019-09-07 08:00
    Lizzy Gee

    Good widget but the torch is considerably dimmer using this app over the stock torch toggle in the pull down bar.

  • Shane H
    2019-08-28 00:55
    Shane H

    Perfect no ads. Lightweight

    2019-08-23 23:50


  • Pete Robin Whenwas
    2019-08-21 08:02
    Pete Robin Whenwas

    Does not even open shuts down the second try to open it

  • subarnadipta sadhukhan
    2019-08-18 10:18
    subarnadipta sadhukhan

    Not working.. widget not showing on home

  • joe cool
    2019-08-16 07:45
    joe cool

    did not work only opened a screen saying had to be added to home screen EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ALREADY IT THERE

  • Boba Bickle
    2019-08-14 11:23
    Boba Bickle

    great widget

  • Harish Kumar
    2019-08-11 11:49
    Harish Kumar

    Got exactly what i wanted, nice app,

  • AJ
    2019-08-07 12:20

    perfect! no ads thank the gods!

  • Andrew Horton
    2019-08-05 17:39
    Andrew Horton

    Does what I need it to with zero ads

  • Belinda Yap
    2019-07-27 13:19
    Belinda Yap

    I love this app. This 1x1 button widget toggles the camera flash on and off. Exactly what I need.

  • Usman Babar
    2019-07-24 19:05
    Usman Babar

    works well and no ads

  • Victor Skita
    2019-07-22 10:05
    Victor Skita

    Simple. Works. Would be nice if badge would display the text 'Flashlight' and/or the icon would be a flashlight.

  • G C
    2019-07-21 13:43
    G C

    will not open.

  • Rogha Teyrn
    2019-07-06 18:07
    Rogha Teyrn

    just plain works.

  • Zac The Human
    2019-07-06 02:01
    Zac The Human

    simple. useful. reliable.

  • Frederick W Stricklin
    2019-07-04 04:54
    Frederick W Stricklin

    I think this app would be better if the beam could be focused or enlarged. In addition it seems that you should be able to access it even from a locked screen. frederick

  • Robert Sepping
    2019-07-03 17:34
    Robert Sepping

    This is what it claims to be. A widget to turn on the torch. No adds no cost. Far easier them dragging diem the notification bar to turn the torch on. Only problem, as a widget I cannot use it on the lock screen. with our a title on the widget, the icon sites not line up with the others, but that is no biggie.

  • Deanna Beard
    2019-07-03 07:00
    Deanna Beard

    Only turns the LED light on. Won't turn it off on my brand new S10. useless

  • Andrew Chavez
    2019-06-27 04:35
    Andrew Chavez

    quick and easy to use just wish it had a way to adjust the brightness a brightness option

  • bear 2dope
    2019-06-22 23:35
    bear 2dope

    best flashlight app.. insurmountable!! recognise

  • Ar K
    2019-06-16 06:05
    Ar K

    Works great. Brightest light of the led on Samsung S4.Min8mal permisiions… that's not privacy intrusive… recomended over all other torch apps.

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