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International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio

International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio

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International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio
Ready to woo the fashion world with your unique sense of style? From the makers of ‘Fashion Diva’ and ‘Star Fashion Designer’ comes an all new style savvy game – International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio

Fresh out of fashion school with dreams in your eyes, the fashion world is already looking out for you! Celebrities, supermodels, business tycoons and more want to be your models - The elite want you as their Stylist for movie launches, annual galas, global conferences and more glamorous events. The stage is yours!



👠It’s time to fill up your studio wardrobe with gorgeous outfits and accessories, such as bags and jewelry, and put together different looks to become the fashion icon of the century.

👜Put up your own show! Choose from the new range of ravishing evening gowns, stunning party dresses, fabulous shoes, classy bags, attractive accessories and complete the look with our all new fancy hairstyles!

Do you covet styling? Start your own fashion show trends! Enter the Style Events mode and create must-have bold and glamorous looks to become a top rated stylist!

Be the stylist EVERYONE is talking about. The world is your stage, so take on the fashion world with your styling ideas! If you covet fashion then this is the game for you! Download International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio NOW for free!

International Fashion Stylist Features:
- Compete 1-ON-1 with other players!
- Available in 20 languages
- 2 style savvy modes: Style Diary and Style Events!
- Get creative with a diverse wardrobe of gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories!
- Dress up your models with a range of hairstyles & jewelry!
- Dress up celebrities, models and royalties!

International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio requires the following permissions:
* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE  WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: These permissions are required to save screenshots of the outfits you create.
*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : This permission is required by ad networks.

Please note that we use Advertising ID for serving better ads and improving the product through Analytics.

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International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio 4.0c Update
-- This update includes the CLOUD SAVE feature! - 584 NEW PIECES ADDED! Including 84 swanky tops, 85 gorgeous dresses, 74 bottoms, 69 pairs of shoes, 72 pieces of jewelry, 73 bags, AND 97 cool accessories! PLUS 12 new props and 18 trending swimsuits to style to your heart's delight! - Ni-hao! Konichiwa! We are now LIVE in Chinese and Japanese too!
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138.49 MB
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Package Name      :
Version           : 4.0c (9000153)
Min Sdk Level     : 19
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.4
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. RECEIVE : BILLING : INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks ADVERTISING :
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Reviews From google play store
  • Rukie Platten
    2020-05-18 11:43
    Rukie Platten


  • Bharat Manglik
    2020-05-18 11:27
    Bharat Manglik

    This is amazing

  • Mlotfy Lotfy
    2020-05-18 11:11
    Mlotfy Lotfy


  • M Kalwal
    2020-05-18 10:53
    M Kalwal

    Pretty game

  • Aayusha Paudel
    2020-05-18 10:38
    Aayusha Paudel

    I absolutely loved the game and also I'd complete all the levels including competition level. So what I want is to add more levels in it. I really like the clothes and accessories incase we've to watch ads and it's okay only for purchasing new stuffs.

  • Preeti Kumari 13
    2020-05-18 10:36
    Preeti Kumari 13

    Very good 👍

  • Renee Belle
    2020-05-18 10:27
    Renee Belle


  • cienma with miss yashi
    2020-05-18 10:24
    cienma with miss yashi

    👍🏼👍🏼✔😍try u will love it

  • Maria Jelica Gozo
    2020-05-18 09:40
    Maria Jelica Gozo

    I super love this game!

  • salim khan
    2020-05-18 09:38
    salim khan

    I LOVE THIS GAME VERY VERY MUCH 😍❤the clothes are amazing........good colours lipsticks ......good game for time pass 😚😉💜nice game for small kids

  • Konatala Kiran
    2020-05-18 09:37
    Konatala Kiran


  • Emilia V
    2020-05-18 09:23
    Emilia V


  • Karnail Singh
    2020-05-18 09:03
    Karnail Singh

    It is a very good app for people who want to be fashion designer 😍😘

  • Shraddha Singh
    2020-05-18 07:30
    Shraddha Singh

    Best game❤

  • Jam awais Shabir
    2020-05-18 07:23
    Jam awais Shabir

    I love to play this game

  • Renée Kemajou
    2020-05-18 07:17
    Renée Kemajou

    Its really nice just so many ads

  • Minhaj Ahmad
    2020-05-18 07:11
    Minhaj Ahmad


  • juno miner
    2020-05-18 07:07
    juno miner

    Loved the wedding version, glad I found this one. Easy to earn money for more looks and lots of fun.

  • Asha Rathod
    2020-05-18 06:29
    Asha Rathod

    Awesome game!!! All the girls out there if you want to play some nice stylists game this is it I'll recommend you this game. At each level new dresses comes and the makeup the levels are amazing. From years i was looking for a good game and finally i found it

  • Mampuii Fanai
    2020-05-18 05:22
    Mampuii Fanai

    Nice game ,easy to earn money

  • Parmar Sujal
    2020-05-18 05:01
    Parmar Sujal


  • janvi soni
    2020-05-18 04:25
    janvi soni

    Awesome game i love it

  • Diane Reser
    2020-05-18 03:39
    Diane Reser

    G R E A T

  • anusha yashu prema
    2020-05-18 03:17
    anusha yashu prema


  • Sedra Amr
    2020-05-18 03:09
    Sedra Amr

    very beautiful my favorite game

  • Nicole Wilson
    2020-05-18 02:50
    Nicole Wilson

    It would NOT let me play I did not know how to get through tye first pop up things I dont recamand you get this game

  • Muriel Ang
    2020-05-18 02:48
    Muriel Ang


  • Lynda Colbert
    2020-05-18 02:33
    Lynda Colbert

    It is a great app that teaches me fashion!

  • Takota Elliot-Randazzo
    2020-05-18 01:27
    Takota Elliot-Randazzo

    Good fun!

  • Jhun Javier
    2020-05-18 01:20
    Jhun Javier


  • amitpayel chatterjee
    2020-05-18 01:12
    amitpayel chatterjee


  • Maricel Afalla
    2020-05-18 00:48
    Maricel Afalla

    Very good its enjoying game😻😻😻👏👏👏

  • Penny Segura
    2020-05-18 00:44
    Penny Segura

    Wish they had new ones just like this I can't get enough

  • Asia Moore
    2020-05-17 23:59
    Asia Moore


  • Nomkhosi Mabuza
    2020-05-17 23:50
    Nomkhosi Mabuza

    It quite fabulous, amazing.... am in love with the way it kind of how it want you to be up your style when going to a certain occasion

  • Ms CLK
    2020-05-17 23:18
    Ms CLK

    Great game, I enjoy it a lot, with this pandemic,. This is one of the things I do.

  • Norma Munoz
    2020-05-17 23:06
    Norma Munoz

    Loving it

  • Verum Dicere
    2020-05-17 21:41
    Verum Dicere

    I paid $4.99 to get 50,000 coins and after the payment went through to my bank, the game never deposited the coins. That's THEFT!

  • Vienne Torres
    2020-05-17 20:16
    Vienne Torres

    It's so fun

  • Miriam Rivera
    2020-05-17 19:56
    Miriam Rivera

    I love the game

  • Samaira Awade
    2020-05-17 19:27
    Samaira Awade


  • Immaculate Ogutu
    2020-05-17 19:27
    Immaculate Ogutu

    I want to download this game but it has stop

  • misscatlover ,
    2020-05-17 18:23
    misscatlover ,


  • Amanda Moraes
    2020-05-17 18:13
    Amanda Moraes

    Its great..

  • Jana ehap abdulla
    2020-05-17 17:43
    Jana ehap abdulla

    v. good

  • sssans the lady 3
    2020-05-17 17:30
    sssans the lady 3


  • Kerry Acuff
    2020-05-17 16:59
    Kerry Acuff

    I love it

  • Wambui Muthoni
    2020-05-17 16:55
    Wambui Muthoni

    It's good so far

  • Bob Shush
    2020-05-17 16:48
    Bob Shush


  • Catherine
    2020-05-17 16:31

    Very fun but want more diary levels! More hair styles and maybe makeup would also be great. Have already played all diary levels several times.

  • Chiwievi Kajiri
    2020-05-17 16:28
    Chiwievi Kajiri

    Being a lover of fashion it's really of great help to learn more and experience more about fashion

  • vikram amolik
    2020-05-17 16:21
    vikram amolik

    I just love this game ❤️❤️❤️ it's my favorite game don't just see this game install it and pass a comment

  • Lettie Montsho
    2020-05-17 15:59
    Lettie Montsho


  • Fiona Norris
    2020-05-17 14:58
    Fiona Norris

    Great just expensive items

  • sadaf noghabi
    2020-05-17 14:50
    sadaf noghabi

    I love it

  • Rinki Chaubey
    2020-05-17 14:49
    Rinki Chaubey

    It is very nice game😊😊I really enjoyed it .. and I am telling to you that my experience is telling that install this game☺☺☺

  • Sandra loves Jesus Christ
    2020-05-17 14:47
    Sandra loves Jesus Christ

    I love the game so much. I just wish more stuffs are free and you don't allow the adverts to take so much time. Imagine just doing nothing and counting down on some of those longer adverts. I will give you 5 Stars when you improve on this. But the game is amazing.

  • Mansi Jaisal
    2020-05-17 13:42
    Mansi Jaisal

    It's was looking amazing but it's work at that time while internat connection is on i didn't like this game

  • R. j.
    2020-05-17 13:40
    R. j.

    love this game, but the game don't deserve 5 stars because of adds. After every round there a add and it's annoying. i love this game but pls remove adds, i request you!

  • Charu Ahuja
    2020-05-17 13:29
    Charu Ahuja

    Very nice 👌👌 Very nice 👌👌

  • Rhona and Teddy fam
    2020-05-17 13:06
    Rhona and Teddy fam

    I love to create the outfits

  • Dimpal Patel
    2020-05-17 13:03
    Dimpal Patel

    This app is amazing...and good guides to our dresses

  • romina Ebrahimi
    2020-05-17 12:01
    romina Ebrahimi

    I dont know what i shoud to say but its soooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooood

  • Mena Thomaz
    2020-05-17 11:26
    Mena Thomaz


  • Salma Abdulrasheed
    2020-05-17 11:10
    Salma Abdulrasheed

    I love it

  • Rajesh Trikandiyoor
    2020-05-17 11:05
    Rajesh Trikandiyoor


  • Afsar Nadim
    2020-05-17 11:01
    Afsar Nadim

    This is very nice game it has excellent quality, graphics 👌

  • Mun Tie
    2020-05-17 10:59
    Mun Tie

    A very good game and become very helpful for fashion designing career

  • Priyanka Singh
    2020-05-17 10:56
    Priyanka Singh


  • Sukhwinder Mahal
    2020-05-17 10:52
    Sukhwinder Mahal


  • Sahu Shailendra
    2020-05-17 10:31
    Sahu Shailendra

    Please dont give any ad i ver distourbence कृपया कोई ad न लाये नही Tou meri daughter yah game delet kar degi Thanku

  • Adeleke Grace
    2020-05-17 10:25
    Adeleke Grace


  • Aryan Rana
    2020-05-17 10:23
    Aryan Rana

    This game is really very distrusting This game contains a lot of add which make suck really this is wastage of MB game 😵😵😵😵

  • Mohua Ghosh
    2020-05-17 09:59
    Mohua Ghosh

    This is awesome game basically for the lipstick color

  • funthingsss
    2020-05-17 09:36

    Dont download this game!!!! It suckssss literally gotta watch an ad for eveything like what are yall trynna make out these games with all these ads?? As soon as ad was over another pop up like this too much. I hate these types of games with so many ads n this game sucks alreadyy....You do not need any stars at all but i wanted to post this so everybody can see cause this game just plain stupid. i want my star back idiots.

  • Malebogo Nshakazhogwe
    2020-05-17 09:28
    Malebogo Nshakazhogwe


  • Daksh gamer
    2020-05-17 09:08
    Daksh gamer


  • Jagjit Singh Suhag
    2020-05-17 08:32
    Jagjit Singh Suhag

    It's really a vert good aap . It helps me to get prepare for miss world 2029 pageant. And it's a very important part for the pageant to know about the dresses,how to style them in different ways,how to dress up , how to match Jewellery, make-up,shoes and everything . So the person who had made this app a big thanks to you . You really help me a lot. And ya of course I wanted to become an actress so it will help me in that also . Because dresses are the most necessary part of any beauty pageants.

  • Kamlesh Ghai
    2020-05-17 08:00
    Kamlesh Ghai

    The best❤❤

    2020-05-17 07:51

    I'm enjoying the app

  • sumita Ghosh
    2020-05-17 07:34
    sumita Ghosh

    I love the game 💖

  • Mercy Albert
    2020-05-17 07:23
    Mercy Albert

    Awesome 👍

  • Rimayaphika Syiem
    2020-05-17 06:42
    Rimayaphika Syiem


  • Sukhveer Brar
    2020-05-17 06:35
    Sukhveer Brar


  • Ariana,Pamela,Ella Vlog
    2020-05-17 05:54
    Ariana,Pamela,Ella Vlog

    Its so beautiful i like it very much

  • Aarya #Bollywood star
    2020-05-17 05:47
    Aarya #Bollywood star


  • Marcus Sirdoreus
    2020-05-17 05:38
    Marcus Sirdoreus


  • Karanam Deekshitha
    2020-05-17 05:21
    Karanam Deekshitha

    This game is really great super I gives 5 stars for this game

  • Munmun Mandal
    2020-05-17 03:45
    Munmun Mandal

    Excellent, wonderful, Fantastic, Amazing, enthusiastic game

  • kenny faye Logroño
    2020-05-17 03:18
    kenny faye Logroño

    Absulotely fantastic! I love the game, really.

  • Khansa Solomons
    2020-05-17 03:03
    Khansa Solomons

    The best

  • aissata barry
    2020-05-17 01:46
    aissata barry

    I love this app soooo much

  • Becca likes beans
    2020-05-17 01:44
    Becca likes beans

    It ok I love it but it a lot of videos like 3 videos for a lot of stuff

  • ma. cristina hernandez
    2020-05-17 01:16
    ma. cristina hernandez

    Love it! Thank you for having this kind of game. Fun and comes with many options for dresses and everything and for free. Just deal with the ads and that's it.

  • Alexa Phillips
    2020-05-17 01:04
    Alexa Phillips


  • Mika Inaya
    2020-05-17 00:53
    Mika Inaya


  • Cassandra Ledoux
    2020-05-17 00:37
    Cassandra Ledoux


  • Mary Rose Teodoro
    2020-05-17 00:26
    Mary Rose Teodoro

    I like it at first but then when you start playing it it gets boring because there is so many ads. One thing I noticed about this app it's like your shopping for real life, every level there you have to spend so much money and the reward you'll get is not enough to buy what you wanted for the next level.

  • best WhatsApp status
    2020-05-16 23:57
    best WhatsApp status


  • Kayzee Montero
    2020-05-16 23:09
    Kayzee Montero

    I just love the game. its super cool and i like distroying the competition 🙂

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